Boats, bands and grill in Pueblo, Colorado

Real barbecue fans, your favorite place on earth will henceforth be known as Pueblo in Colorado.

The best summer grilling takes place every summer in this city in southern Colorado, which centers around the three most important B years: boats, bands and barbecues. Visitors gather around the Arkansas River to buy festivals, music, boats and, most importantly, delicious food.

Boats of all sizes flow down the river, while live music plays for fans around. The main event is the full-fledged Kansas City BBQ Society competition, where legendary grill masters from around the country fight for the title of best. For younger chefs there is also a competition for young chefs, called Kids Q. The biggest advantage is that festival participants can try to submit an application, because after tasting the judges there is always enough to look around.

If after that you are still full, you can take part in the annual ice cream eating and Blazin Challenge Wing eating contest, but it is not recommended to do both if you want to save space on the grill.

Live music plays during the festival from popular local rock stars such as Rock Creek Road Band, The Branders and The Six Million Dollar Band. The party is interrupted only for a moment to announce the winners of cooking on the grill.

The fun is not only contagious, but also affordable at Pueblo, admission for adults is $ 3, children aged 4-12 is $ 1, and children under three years are free! Visitors come from all over the country to this county-style family market, and the first 10,000 participants receive a commemorative collector's button that entitles them to award prizes daily.

The organizer of The Boats, Bands and BBQ festival is Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo (HARP). Riverwalk is the organization that returned the Arkansas River to downtown Pueblo after it was moved around the city in the 1920s due to flooding. Now the river flows through the city, and along it are squares, sculptures and works of art that represent the city of Pueblo and its inhabitants. The BBQ festival brings the city's inhabitants and tourists from near and far to see this beautiful stretch of water that has once again become the city's life blood.

Pueblo organizes events throughout the summer, making this city a great place to stay and have fun for every visitor. City Park offers a swimming pool, a carousel and events to celebrate warm weather in Colorado. Riverwalk offers a quiet but exciting adventure through the city center. Pueblo always has something cool for everyone, no matter how you rock or wander on boats, bands and barbecues.