What is the law of attraction?

More and more people have watched the Secret and want to learn more about the law of attraction. Many want to learn how to improve or change their lives. Others have heard about the law of attraction, but they have no idea what it is or how it can affect their lives.

I suppose it's best to start with the question, "What is the law of attraction?"

The Law of Attraction is a natural law of nature that attracts to your life what you pay attention to, energy and focus.

Let me give you some examples.

There is a person we all met in our lives whom I call Negative Nellie. Nellie is always complaining about something, generally not feeling well and seems to have various pains. He usually faces one dilemma.

I call another person Positive Patty. She is a person who seems to be up to date. She is always optimistic, seems to enjoy one big event after another, wins things and just seems to lead a charming life.

Both are examples of how the Law of Attraction works. What we always pay attention to, energy and focus, is attracted to our lives. If we have positive, optimistic thoughts, we will attract positive events to our lives. On the other hand, if we spend time thinking about negative issues, such as debt, lack of free time, unhappy relationships, we encourage you to do the same.

You can learn how to change your life and attract more of what you want to your life and less of what you don't want. Basically change your thoughts and change your life.

I use Law of Attraction every day. It brought me much more joy and happiness, as well as many wonderful things.

In November my husband and I were in business in Nevada. Our company ended earlier than expected and we were dealing with finding a hotel in Las Vegas because it was the airport we were supposed to fly from. It so happened that events took place and the rooms available were far beyond our price range. I launched the Law of Attraction, and my husband and I decided to go on a two-day trip to the Grand Canyon and meet friends in Arizona. It was during this trip that my husband found a great deal for us in Las Vegas while checking online. Luxor, a hotel / casino on the strip in Las Vegas, offered four nights for the price of three. It would work on our budget. He also found availability in a new casino / hotel near the Hoover Dam the second night we would need, and because we both wanted to see the Hoover Dam, it was the perfect solution. Now some of you may call it a coincidence or mere happiness. For me, I know that this was the answer of the universes to my request. I experience many such things. Last summer, when I was coming back from Arkansas, my husband told me to call the Marriott Hotel in Tennessee. I wanted to stay by the river in a room with a nice view. I called the hotel and asked for a room. They made my reservation, and when we arrived, we learned that we were moved – at no extra charge – to a room on the first floor of the concierge. When we entered our room, we had the most fantastic view plus all the amenities and convenience of a concierge floor! Again, the Law of Attraction brought me more of what I wanted in my life. My husband can also benefit.

Probably the best example came during Christmas. My husband and I were to fly to Christmas Eve in Colorado to surprise grandchildren on Christmas morning. However, all the car parks, including the pilot, were full, and people were asked to take them to the airport. With no one to do this for us (everyone was alone outside the home), we had no alternative but to drive. My husband planned to go to his office and take a taxi from there. However, I decided to send a request for parking space to the universe on September 22. On the way to my husband's office on the 24th day, we took a chance and drove by the car parks at the airport.

They were all closed, but one had a guardian at the gate. We stopped and got out and asked if there was any parking. He told me that the airport had just started allowing travelers to use the car park every hour at a daily rate! We went directly there and instead of having to take a bus from a distant plot to the terminal, we parked in a covered area right next to our terminal. Wow! If that wasn't enough, we were 45 minutes late from Colorado when we returned, which meant that we would probably be late for our connecting flight in Phoenix. The whole flight I saw as we make our flight. When we got to Phoenix and ran to our gate at the opposite end of the terminal, the door was already closed. We went to the person at the desk and showed our passes. They called the plane and were allowed to board! Not only did we return home, but we also found luggage.

I could go on but you have an idea. Since the discovery of the law of attraction, my life has changed dramatically. As a life coach and practitioner of the law of attraction, I teach my clients how to understand and apply the law of attraction to their own lives. It is a great feeling to know that you have helped another person live a happier and more pleasant life. There is nothing like this!