From Goa to Mumbai, Holiday has begun


Mumbai and Goa are both cities located in the Western Ghats of India. Goa is commercialized, as it attracts a wide variety of travelers. Beauty and culture are different here from rest in India, as its culture is influenced by the Portuguese, who lived here in the 17th century. Therefore, there are many domestic as well as international travelers traveling to Goa each year. Mumbai has also seen a huge crowd thanks to the Indian Film industry. This town is not sleeping. It’s fast-paced and charismatic, with a world-class talent with the hope of becoming a successful Bollywood star. Here I would like to share with you my experience of traveling from Goa to Mumbai.
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It’s New Year’s season and I can’t think of any other place in the party than Goa. I had planned in advance for this trip to Goa, I also wanted to travel to Mumbai from Goa as I had never been to Mumbai before. I’m looking for a good deal as I look for comfort and happiness at the same time. I have experienced several online flight and hotel sites that have helped me get the right price for what I need. As I have decided on my travel for a long time so I have ample time to compare prices. I also know about some online features such as the alert price feature.
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I filtered out all my requirements and got them on the list. I got the cheapest flight fares from Goa to Mumbai. The time I left there was a lot of traffic. It seems that travelers are more interested in the New Year. Not only in Goa but also in Mumbai the New Year celebrations are very different. As in most places we see Bollywood stars running live. I’m so glad I actually made it to Goa for the New Year. So I’m here to share my experience with you mostly on how I plan and organize my holiday. This trip was definitely extra special, especially to ease my travel and stay, as it was the easiest way for me to book Hotels and travel to tourist areas with easy access to many hours.
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My love for travel has increased so much in our daily lives that we are frustrated with many issues to organize, but do not like it while on a holiday. I got the best flight fare deal from Goa to Mumbai. as well as ad offers to offer the Hotel

Around Goa

Goa is located on the coast of Kokoan in India. Goa lies on the border of Maharashtra to the north and Karnataka to the east and south. The west coast is shaped by the Arabian sea.

Goa is rich in culture and has been the point of the meeting and has been connected with various races, religions, distinct styles east and west for centuries. This environment in terms of crowds is quite different from the rest of India.

In India, Goa originated in the extreme, preserving Indianism as well as western traditions. One can only find here the spirit of Christmas celebration with the same spirit of Diwali and Indian cuisine cooked in Goan sausages. Goa has a consistent year-round climate, with an unprecedented change in temperature.About Mumbai

Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, was once known as Bombay. This town is not as sleepy as it is, it is a very busy town and the roads are never witnessed empty. There are some very interesting things to explore in this millennial town. Of utmost interest for tourists is the Bungalows of movie theaters, not to mention, the name Mumbai is derived from the name of a temple, Temple Devi Temple. Mumbai has a strange business known as Dabba business, this city is the most popular food providers. Mumbai made India Proud as India’s world famous for the World’s highest train route, and the first train was started from Thane to Mumbai during the Britisher rule. Mumbai’s famous Imagica park is famous in India. As it is well known that the Indian film industry located in Mumbai also Mumbai has the most expensive houses in the world. Mumbai’s Ganpati Puja is the biggest street festival in India, not to be missed this time. There are many more interesting facts to keep on your list if you are planning to travel to Mumbai. Some of the architectural beauty of this town has a brave history.

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