Best 3 Flights to Kathmandu


Kathmandu – Nepal’s largest city – attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world. Surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks; Shivapuri, Chandragiri, Nagarjuna, and Phulchoki, this place is the first choice for nature lovers. Many tourists from India also plan their trip to this town in search of peace, comfort and quiet. In the past few years, increasing demand for Kathmandu flights as well as other routes to Nepal have been observed as travel is an important part of life. Here is a list of the best options for flights available on this route. People who plan to travel to this beautiful country, may have to go through it before making their booking.

Flight with National Airline – Air India

This carrier has been offering flight services for decades. It is known for providing top-notch travel services and travel facilities. Currently, it serves nearly 60 destinations worldwide and operates hundreds of daily flights, including flights from Bangalore to Kathmandu. It was the one who left the Bangalore airport (BLR) at 6.05pm for Kolkata (CCU). The distance to Kolkata is about 5 hours after a journey of about 2 hours and 25 minutes. Air India has launched an Airbus A319 on this route with an average legroom. Passengers can explore the city or just relax at the airport. Subsequently, passengers were ordered to board a direct flight to Kathmandu (KTM), operated by the same aircraft. This is a very convenient time choice for travelers as the flight arrives at KTM at 3:15 pm. This trip can be covered in about 9 hours, with the minimum of this route.

Jet Airways

One of the three full-service providers in the country, Jet Airways is famous for its useless services. Travelers can opt for flights to Bangalore Kathmandu operated by Jet Airways to enjoy a bad trip. It will depart at 9.10 pm from the BLR and arrive in Delhi around 11.40 pm. Following an overnight drive to Delhi, the next flight was organized at 6.50 am. Passengers can spend the night in airport lounges or experience night life in town. However, those who opt for the latter are advised to return to the airport by the time they board the next flight. It arrives at KTM at 8.50am, giving all-day travelers a chance to visit the town’s popular attractions. As Jet Airways has now signed the Etihad deal, it is hoped that Etihad Airways online booking may also include Kathmandu flights in the coming years. People who are looking for economic options may go with the cheaper option.

Economic Flights with SpiceJet

The second largest airline in the country, SpiceJet has recently solved a financial crisis. It introduces many managerial-level changes that help the carriers offer affordable international travel, without compromising on quality. It departs from the BLR at 9.30am for DEL, and there people have to spend 5.5 hours. Subsequently, passengers were transferred to KTM on a direct flight operated by SpiceJet.