5 affordable tips for building an outdoor dog kennel


Not all dogs are inside dogs. Some dog owners decide to let their pets live outside. Living outside without a safe, weatherproof and spacious living space is not only dangerous, but can be unhappy for your dog.

In this article, we will discuss five ways to build your own outdoor dog kennel without breaking the bank to provide your dog with a comfortable, safe, weatherproof outdoor living space.

We have something to cover, so let’s dive straight …

Tip №1: Kennel for dogs, semi-home-made

Many dog ​​owners find it more cost-effective to build a smaller pre-made outdoor dog kennel.

Think of this as an addition to your dog’s house.

If you plan it properly, starting with a smaller kennel, then adding by upgrading to the kennel can save you money in the long run.

Tip №2: Use alternative materials

As far as I know, you don’t need to use a chain or steel to build an outdoor dog kennel.

Other alternative materials are PVC, wood and chicken wire.

Use your creativity and look at professional kennels to get ideas for your own kennel.

Tip №3: Plan space and growth in advance

Providing enough space for your dog to move and exercise during the day is essential to creating a good outdoor dog kennel.

Plan ahead and define in advance how much space you want to use to know how much material you will need to effectively cover that space.

The best settings allow the dog a 20-30 foot running room and are 10-20 feet wide.

Tip # 4: Use nylon panels to create walls

If you decide to use fencing to build your kennel, getting nylon panels for walls and roof is an affordable solution for weather protection.

Nylon panels are washable, breathable and provide sun protection and block wind better than an open circuit design.

Tip №5: Designing a cost-effective roof

There you will find as many options for roofing your kennel as there are for what to build a kennel from.

Three proven roofing solutions that are both effective and affordable are:

a) Plywood

b) Tarpaulin

c) Canvas

Ultimately, your outdoor dog kennel should be able to withstand the elements, provide your dog with a safe place to sleep (adding a dog house is a good idea), protect your dog from strangers and other animals, and not be able to to escape. We don’t want our best friend to be hit by a car or some other accident.