Free land insurance claims that tell you you need coverage


Of course, the free property owner needs insurance coverage! Insurance companies will tell you categorically about all risks of liability – general, as well as personal injury and property damage that exist in an uninhabited home, building or plot. But do not accept a general declaration of this at face value until you have considered for yourself some very real examples of claims. For your information, professional agents offer you these land scenarios!

Empty land

• The owner of a vacant plot of land in the city center has built a protective portal chain around the property. As time went on, however, age and weather conditions took their toll on the enclosure. The fence was no longer in the best condition when a passer-by suffered an eye injury as a result of a protruding chain link. The lawsuit ended with the insurance policy bearing the brunt of the costs of defense and out-of-court mediation, which resulted in the payment of $ 350,000.

• A pedestrian slipped on the sidewalk that led to a clearing. Her injury consisted of a broken thigh. The women claimed that the leaves that fell on the sidewalk from the plot were the cause of her unhappiness. The insurance claims agreement was reached at $ 200,000. That included $ 16,000 reserved for defense spending.

• A motorcyclist is hit by a car. After the car accident, the responsible party filed a lawsuit against the neighboring owner of a free account, claiming that the announced sign for the account hid his view of the traffic. It was found that the signs did not affect the cause of the collision. The associated costs reached $ 7,500.

• A man riding a bicycle around a fenced free plot of land was injured on a broken part of the fence of the property, which was sticking out. After filing a lawsuit, the man received $ 45,000 in damages. The policyholder’s insurance also paid $ 20,000 in court costs. In the end, however, appealing for a reward solved the problem. The payout included $ 30,000 with protection costs paid by the cover.

• Sitting next to a public sports field was free. Although sports fans parked their cars and trucks on public property, an incident occurred with a dead tree branch located on a nearby vacant lot. With three cars damaged, workers are facing a lawsuit that resulted in $ 12,000 in damages.

• Teenage minors have illegally used their free time to smoke in the open, causing a fire with a brush. The fire soon engulfed the entire property, burning neighboring homes. The free landowner bears partial liability and liability for damages and replacement costs of property totaling $ 6,500.