Buying locks online


Can locks be purchased online safely? The answer to this question is yes, but not every online merchant will serve you well. You need to answer this question, what are you trying to provide and how valuable is it to you? If you need a padlock to lock the mower canopy, buy it from any online retailer.

If you are providing something as valuable as your family by buying front door locks, then you should look for an online retailer that specializes in locks and security. At this point, you are not buying a commodity lock, you are buying a security solution.

Here are some things to look for at an online lock dealer:

  • Do they only sell locks and security items?

  • Can you call them and talk to someone who knows about security?

  • Are they authorized by the big lock manufacturers?

  • Can they create custom security solutions?

  • Can they sell locks with high security?

When you browse their website, you only see locks and other security features. Does their website provide enough information to make a decision? If you can’t easily contact them by email or phone? And if you contact them by phone, can you talk to someone who can help you choose the right lock.

Can you order locks “Assembled to order”. Custom assembled tools assembled to your specifications, such as keys, various keys, or master keys. Can you order only the required number of keys. This is a very important part of key control. You only need to have the amount you need and the ability to order in the future if necessary.

Can you order “High Security” locks. They have patent protection on the lock, which helps prevent unauthorized duplication of keys. They are also made of high quality material with precise tolerances. And they are built to provide strong physical security.

This online retailer sells quality locks such as: Cobra locks, Abloy locks and Medeco locks. If they do, this is an indication that they themselves are an authorized service center or manufacturer and will be able to provide the right help and solutions to suit your needs.

As I mentioned earlier in the article and in many articles in the past, your decision about where to buy and how much to spend comes down to “What are you trying to protect and how valuable is this or that to you.”