Booking Online Failures in Travel Portals

The online travel portal allows customers to find different destinations of their choice, Location-related information, availability, price comparison and hotel reservations or if they are looking for any package then they can also find with the help of Different Vacation Packages. . A traveler will enjoy a fast and efficient search for your travel needs with the help of Online Travel Portals. Prior to the invention of People on the Internet used to visit Travel agents and Tour operators for their Hotel Booking, Car Reservation or Excursion. But What I find is that even though Online Travel Portals offers such options to cater to the end customer it still fails to attract the maximum number of Target Audiences. Let’s talk about the Damages to Travel Portals below.

1) Limited Options: Travel agents offering good rates are possible without the online Travel Booking Engine where the client can directly book his Tickets and get the confirmation.

2) Real-Time Confirmation: Many Tour Management Systems allow the customer to book online but do not offer real-time confirmation.

3) Hidden Fees and Security: Travel agents and Tour operators often advertise low prices to attract customers but then they pay some hidden fees. Booking Travel Online will have to pay certain amounts in advance to put the customer at risk through a website that is not secure.

4) Advertising Fees: Booking online occasionally will allow a Customer to talk to someone about the service. There may be a case where the Customer can find testimonials on the Travel Agencies website and the supplier’s website but you cannot be sure if this payment is true or true.

5) Specific Needs: Customers cannot confirm specific requirements while performing Online Booking through the Hotel Reservation System.


How To Choose The Best Online Hotel Booking Portal in India

India is the fastest growing and fastest growing online travel market in the world. The country’s online travel bazaar has seen remarkable growth and has attracted many domestic and foreign companies to invest in this Indian industry. Growth continues at a very fast pace as the number of internet users continues to increase. Today access to the internet has reached remote areas of the country due to the large number of telecom companies and it is being transported by people. In this article I will focus on some of the major players in the hotel booking industry who provide a variety of services including online flight booking.

MakeMyTrip is India’s most popular Online Travel Portal, established in 2000. The company has started a business in the Indo-US travel market. The Company pursues its reach by starting a business in India in 2005. The Company offers travelers the convenience of booking online at the hotel at stone prices and also including booking, booking train and book a taxi. Today it is not an online hotel booking website but a window that fulfills all the requirements of travelers.

From its inception, the company has functioned as a perfect travel planet for the global tourist industry; now it’s a destination for all travelers’ travel essentials. The company provides online hotel services through its customer-friendly portal that is easy to use and features rich. The purpose of the company is to offer the lowest tariff in the industry on a real time basis. Today it is the largest consolidator of flights, hotels and car rental. The company provides hotel booking services to over 2500 Indian hotels and more than 250 destinations worldwide.

This is another hotel hotel booking portal in India that provides complete coverage for guest travel services. The company also powers the hotel hotel facility on, the country’s largest e-commerce website developed by the IRCTC for Indian railways providing online train reservations. It is the simplest online travel portal on the web in the form of a powerful yet powerful search engine for all your travel needs. The company also offers last minute travel deals at the most reasonable prices.


This website is one of the leading online travel agencies in India, especially with regards to booking online in hotels. Here you will find many reviews of thousands of hotels worldwide written by real people who stay there. This feature makes it more reliable source of information about the hotel before booking. Hotel ratings on this website are just as promising and make it one of the best options for booking a hotel. You can also help with many travel-related articles to let you know the place you are visiting.

These are some of the most popular online booking portals available in India. These companies offer reliable, safe and secure service at the lowest available prices in the industry even though you will find many differences due to issues. It’s always better to compare rates from at least three of these websites before making any final decision.