Tips to Get the Most Out of Your GPU Mining Rig


Today, people are busy mining Bitcoins. Serious miners opt for professional advice to build their mining rigs in a professional manner to maximize their investment. Even if you can learn a lot from browsing forums, nothing beats the advice of professionals. While this tutorial doesn’t focus on building a ferry, it can help you take advantage of your rig. Plus, you can make mining inexpensive. Let’s examine in detail.
Go for the right GPU

Basically, there are two GPU brands which are Nvidia and AMD. We suggest you choose AMD. Another option you need to do is to choose a GPU made of XFX or Shapphire. There is another option called Gigabyte MSI. Our recommendation is Shapphire. As far as we’re concerned, Shapphire makes the highest quality graphics cards. After all, you can’t spend thousands of dollars on graphic cards alone. It is better to spend a little more and opt for only high-quality products.
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If you have 280-290 graphics cards, you may want to choose 15.12 drivers. On the other hand, for the latest cards, we suggest that you download the latest drivers. In addition to the driver, you can also opt for the Radeon Chill.


Even though a lot of people are on linux, we don’t believe anything has beaten Windows. The reason is that the highest quality miners are made for Windows OS. In addition, Windows -based systems are easy to run.

As far as miners are concerned, Claymore has a good reputation. So, we strongly recommend that you choose a Windows -based miner.

Opt for a minimum of 5 GPUs

A mining rig has many expensive components. So, It’s not a good idea to save money on graphic cards. The real reason is that it doesn’t matter. Well, you should opt for a minimum of two cards.

In Windows 7, you cannot use more than 4 cards. However, if you download a special driver, you can also use more than 4 cards.

Windows 10 will see all GPUs; however, it will consume more resources on your rig. The best option is Windows 7.

Using USB risers

Risks are devices that allow you to connect to your PC using a graphics card. Today, technology allows us to use USB risers because of their strength and efficiency.

Cool your GPUs

You know that heat kills electronic devices soon. Same with graphic cards too. If you use your cards the right way, it will work for you for years to come.

All you have to do is remove the four screws from the card and stick some fresh paste on the GPU chip. That’s why It improves heat transfer. As a result, you can keep your GPU cool for years to come. This will take your GPU much longer than you expect.

Change virtual memory

It is better to edit the virtual memory on your PC and sit it to 16 GB.

That is, there are a few things you can do to make your mining rig more efficient.



Top Cryptocurrency for 2018: What are the Best Bitcoin Alternatives?


Important: This position should not be considered as an investment council. The author focuses on the best coins in terms of actual use and adoption, not from a financial or investment perspective.
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In 2017, cryptographic markets set a new standard for simple income. Almost every piece or chip makes an incredible return. “The rising tide is throwing all the boats away,” as they say, and the end of 2017 was a flood. Rising prices have created a positive feedback cycle, attracting more capital to Crypto. Inevitably, but inevitably, this strong market leads to a huge investment. The money is thrown without prejudice to all sorts of dubious projects, most of which do not bear fruit.
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In today’s environmental environment, hype and greed have been replaced by a critical scrutiny and discretion. Especially for those who have lost money, sales promises, endless shillings, and charismatic oratorios are no longer enough. Thus, the main reasons for buying or holding a coin are Paramount once again.
Main factor in evaluating a cryptocurrency-

There are a few factors to deal with to overcome the hype and price bomb, at least in the long term:

Angle of Adoption

Even if the technology of a cryptocurrency or ICO business plan seems strangely user-friendly, they are just dead projects. It is often forgotten that widespread acceptance is an important part of money. In fact, it is estimated that more than 90% of the value of Bitcoin is a function of the number of users.
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While Fiat’s acceptance is handed over to the State, cryptography acceptance is purely voluntary. There are many factors in deciding to accept a coin, but perhaps the most important consideration is the likelihood that others will accept the coin.
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Decentralization is essential for the I push Model of a true cryptocurrency. Without decentralization, we would have little closer to a Ponzi scheme than a real cryptocurrency. Relying on individuals or institutions is problem-tested in solving a cryptocurrency.
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If breaking a coin or a central administrator can change the transaction record, it calls into question fundamental security. The same applies to parts of unproven code that have not been tested well for many years. The more you can trust the code to act as described, regardless of human influence, the greater the security of a coin.
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Valid coins seek to improve their technology, but cannot afford security. Real technological advancement is rare because it requires a lot of skill — and also ingenuity. Even if there are Always fresh ideas that can be screwed on, if doing so puts weaknesses or critics of the original purpose of a coin, the point is lost.
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Innovation can be a difficult factor to assess, especially for non-technical users. However, if a money code crashes or doesn’t receive updates that address important issues, it can be a sign that developers aren’t weak on ideas or motivation.
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The economic incentives of having a coin are easy to understand for the average person. If a coin has a large pre-mine or an ICO (introductory offer portion) the team holds a significant portion of the chips, then it is clear that the main motivation is revenue . By purchasing what the team has to offer, you play your game and enrich it. Be sure to provide a tangible and reliable amount in return.
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5 cryptocurrencies will be purchased in 2018

There has never been a better time to re-examine and balance a cryptographic portfolio. Consistent with their strong foundation, here are five pieces that I think are worth sticking to or maybe buying at their current sad prices (which, just a warning, can be short).
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# 1. Bitcoin (because of its decentralization)

Number one belongs to Bitcoin (BTC), which remains the market leader in all categories. Bitcoin has the highest price, the most speculation, the most security (due to the strange energy consumption of Bitcoin mining), the most famous brand identity (the forks try to be appropriate), and most progress Active and rational. This is also the same fragment so far represented in the usual market in the form of Bitcoin futures trading in the American CME and CBOE.
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Bitcoin remains the main engine; Making all the other features is related to making Bitcoin. My own expectation is that the gap between Bitcoin and most — if not all — will widen.
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Bitcoin has a number of great pipeline innovations that will soon be installed as additional layers or soft forks. Examples are the Flash system (LN), the tree, Schnorr’s signature Mimblewimbleund more.
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In particular, we plan to open a new order of application for Bitcoin, as it allows for bulk, microtransactions and instant and secure payments. LN is even more robust as users test their various possibilities with real Bitcoin. As it has become much easier to use, it can be assumed that it will benefit greatly from the adoption of Bitcoin.

# 2. Litecoin (for continuing it)

Litecoin (LTC) is a clone of Bitcoin with a different hash algorithm. Even if Litecoin no longer has Bitcoin anonymity technology, strange reports have shown that Litecoin’s adoption in the dark market is now second, the only bitcoin. Even if a money I better suited for the duty to procure illegal products and services, it probably appears to be a consequence of the long life of Litecoin: It was launched at the end of 2011.
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Another factor in favor of Litecoin is the integration of Bitcoin SegWit technology, which means that Litecoin is ready for LN. Litecoin could benefit from the exchange of atomic chains. That is, ensuring peer-to-peer trading of currencies without third party (i.e. exchange) involvement. Since Litecoin holds its code that is largely linked to Bitcoin, it is well positioned to take advantage of Bitcoin’s technical advances.

# 3. Ethereum (due to intelligent contracts)

Ethereum (ETH) has some major problems right now. First of all, governments are dismantling the ICO, and rightly so: many have become fraudulent or bankrupt. Since most icos run on the Ethereum network as an ERC 20 token, the ICO wonder has brought in a lot of value to Ethereum in recent years. If appropriate rules are taken to protect investors Ethereum projects scams can gain a certain legitimacy as a crowdfunding platform.

The second major problem facing Ethereum is the delayed transition to a new hybrid work and battery detection system. Ethereum GPU mining is now profitable, but Bitmain has announced the Ethereum ASIC to be minor, which is likely to have an impact on the lower line of GPU miners. It remains to be seen whether this will change the POW — and how successful this change will be.

If Ethereum can survive these two main problems — regulation and mining — it will show good resilience. Otherwise, there are many competing currencies tracing its shadows, such as Ethereum Classic (ubp), Cardano (ADA) and EOS.

# 4. Monero (because of his introduction)

Even if its adoption in dark markets is not all that was expected, I (XMR) remains the Prime Minister’s privacy. His reputation and market capitalization are still with his rivals — and with good reason.

Monero’s code requires less trust than Zcash’s “loyal” ceremony, and has a fair start, unlike Dash. Monero recently updated its Pow to beat the development of a small ASIC for its algorithm that proves the piece’s commitment to mining decentralization. A significant reduction in the hash rate is due to the new version, which is regularly reported against the ASIC. It could also be an opportunity for the GPU and even small CPUs to get back to me. The new version of Monero, 0.12, also comes with other improvements that show that Monero continues to grow along sensitive lines.

# 5. IPronTO (A decentralized storage platform)

IPronTO is an Ethereum chain incubation platform dedicated to investors looking for a safe and reliable platform to invest in new ideas and future promoters who can showcase their ideas and receive opinions from users, Experts in the field about the practice and implementation of the acquired ideas.

The ideas of the innovators are supported as the NES in Smart Contract format is signed between the platform expert and the customer if the client’s business idea to the Committee for examination and registration of the platform. The idea will not be published for all users of the chain’s public platform, but only for selected members of the target community who are willing to sign the Smart contract to maintain the confidentiality of the idea.


Bitcoin: Is It All Typed?


If you spent $ 27 on Bitcoin when Satoshi Nakamoto did it in 2009 your investment would have reached the amount of $ 37,000,000.

Recognized as the most popular investment vehicle of all time, Bitcoin saw a meteoric rise in 2017 from $ 777 to $ 17,000.

Making millionaires out of opportunistic investors and leaving financial institutions open, Bitcoin has responded to its critics at every milestone this year and some believe it’s just the beginning.

The launch of Bitcoin futures on December 10th, which for the first time will allow investors to enter the Bitcoin market through a primarily regulated U.S. exchange, means we are just getting started.

What makes Bitcoin important is that there is a final amount to be had. There are a maximum of 21 million Bitcoins and unlike normal fiat currencies you cannot print more of them whenever you want. This is because Bitcoin runs a proven protocol at work: in order to do this, you need to use it with computer processing power to solve complex Bitcoin blockchain algorithms. Once this is achieved, you will be rewarded with Bitcoin as compensation for the “work” you have done. Let’s face it the reward you get for mining has dropped dramatically almost every year since Bitcoin started, which means that for most people the only possible way to get Bitcoin is to buy it instead. At the current price level is a risk worth taking?

Many believe that Bitcoin is simply a bubble. I spoke to cryptocurrency expert and senior investor Duke Randal who thinks assets are overvalued, “I would compare it to a lot of supplies and ask for historical bubbles like Dutch Tulip Mania and the dot com bubble of late about 90. Prices are purely speculative. based, and if you look at Bitcoin’s functionality as a real currency it’s almost embarrassing. ”For those who don’t know, the dot com bubble is a time in between in 1997-2001 where many internet companies were established and given more optimistic estimates based on the pure assumption that it later fell 80-90% as the bubble started to collapse early. 2000s. Some companies like eBay and Amazon, have recovered and are now sitting high on estimates but for others it is the end of the line.

Bitcoin was originally created to take power out of our financial systems and put people in control of their own money, cut the middle man and make transactions of the same age. However, it is currently one of the slowest cryptocurrencies on the market, the transaction speed four times slower than the fifth most popular cryptocurrency and the closest competitor to payment solutions Litecoin. Undetectable privacy coin Monero makes transactions much easier, boasts an average blocking time of just two minutes, a fifth of the time it can be made with Bitcoin, and that’s nameless . The world’s second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, has a higher transaction volume than Bitcoin even though the cost is $ 676 dollars per Ether compared to $ 16,726 in Bitcoin per Bitcoin.

So why is the value of Bitcoin so high? I also asked Duke Randal the same question. “Everything is back to the same supply and demand economics, Bitcoin is relatively unusable and the recent price surge has attracted a lot of media attention, along with the launch of the future of Bitcoin which was seen by many as the first sign Bitcoin is being accepted in the mass market, resulting in many people jumping on the road for financial gain.Like any property, if there is a higher demand to buy than to sell, the price will go up.This is not good because for it is new investors coming into the market who do not understand the blockchain and the underlying principles of these currencies which means they will burn ”

Another reason is that Bitcoin is more volatile, known to swing or drop thousands of dollars in less than a minute which if you’re not used to or expecting it, cause of less experienced investors who panic to sell, resulting in a loss. This is another reason that Bitcoin will struggle to cope as a payment type. The price of Bitcoin can fluctuate significantly between the time vendors accept Bitcoin from customers and sell it at exchanges for their local currency. This unhealthy movement can wipe out their entire profit. Will this instability disappear immediately? Not likely: Bitcoin is a new class of assets and even as knowledge grows, only a very small percentage of the world’s population owns Bitcoin. Until it becomes more widely distributed and its fluidity is better, the persistence of the injury will continue.

So if Bitcoin is useless as a real currency, what are its applications? Many believe that Bitcoin has moved from a viable form of payment to becoming a store with value. Bitcoin is like “digital gold” and is simple to use as a benchmark for other cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects to scale against and sell. Recently there have been stories of people in high inflation countries like Zimbabwe buying Bitcoin to keep what wealth they have rather than seeing its value decline under the deprivation of the central system. bank.

Is it too late to join Bitcoin? If you believe in what these cryptocurrencies will do for the world it’s never too late to get involved, but at the cost of Bitcoin being so high it’s a boat for some who are already sailing. You might be better off looking at Litecoin, up 6908% for the year or Ethereum up 7521% for the year. These newer, fastest-growing currencies hope to achieve what Bitcoin was originally set to do back in its inception in 2009 and replace government-run fiat currencies.

Who knows what the price of these currencies will be ten, fifteen or even twenty years from now? One thing is for sure though, we better tie ourselves up because it’s going to be a wild ride.


Crypto TREND 2017-01


Everyone has heard how Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have made millionaires among buyers only recently a year ago. Earnings of 1,000% or more are not possible, this is a common place in most crypto currencies. Someone bought Bitcoin in May 2016 for as little as $ 500, with a profit of 1,400% in about 17 months. After the past few days, we’ve seen Bitcoin lose almost $ 1,000, so to say that these fast-growing crypto currencies can be a huge understatement.

Since Bitcoin’s inception in 2008, we at Trend News have questioned the viability of crypto currencies, as they present a very clear threat to governments wanting to see and tax all transactions. Even if we can still be wary of real crypto currencies, we do know the potential of the underlying technology that drives these electronic currencies. In fact, we believe this technology could be a factor that can disrupt how data is managed, and it will affect every sector of the world’s economy, just as much as how the internet can affect media.

Here are some questions and answers to get us started …

Q: What are Crypto Currencies?

The best known crypto currency (CC) is BITCOIN. This is the first CC, launched in 2008. Today there are more than 800 CCs, including Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Ripple, Monero, and they are all “virtual”. There are no “physical” coins or money.

Q: How does CC work?

CC is virtual currencies with multiple distributed databases. These databases use BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology. Because each Blockchain database is widely distributed, it is considered irrelevant to hacking, as there is no central point of attack and every transaction is visible to everyone on the network. Each CC has a group of managers, often called “miners”, who certify transactions. A CC called Ethereum uses “smart contracts” to authenticate transactions. Crypto TREND will provide more details in future news publications.


Blockchain is the technology that supports all CCs. Each transaction for buying, selling, or exchanging CC is entered with a BLOCK added to the chain. This technology is complex and will not be explained here, but it has the potential to transform the financial services industry, as transactions can be quickly and easily executed, reducing or eliminating fees. The technology is also being explored for applications in many other industries.

Q: Is the CC Exchange instead controlled by the government?

For the most part, the answer is NO, which, for some users, is a major attraction in this market. It’s the “wild west” right now, but governments in most developed countries are scrutinizing this market to decide what regulation is needed. A big decision is to treat CC’s as a currency or a commodity / security. Canada and the USA have so far declared CC legal, although the situation remains fluid for reporting and tax effects. Crypto TREND will follow and report on these developments.

Q: How do I invest in this market?

You can buy, sell, and exchange CC using the services of specialist “Exchanges” that act as a brokerage. You start by selecting an Exchange, setting up an account, and transferring fiat currency to your account. You can place your orders on BUY and SELL CC. Many exchanges around the world. Opening an account is fairly simple and these exchanges all have their own rules regarding initial funding and withdrawal.

Crypto TREND recommend CC Exchange in the future.

Q: Where do I put my CC?

To have the freedom to transfer your crypto currencies, and to pay the bills, you need to have a digital wallet. These wallets come in many formats, such as desktop, cloud based, hardware (USB), mobile phone, and paper. Many of them are FREE, however, security is a big factor because no one wants to lose their wallet or have it stolen. Crypto TREND recommends digital wallets in the future.

Q: What can I do with my CC?

As well as investing in CC products, you can also use crypto currency for certain financial transactions, such as transferring money and paying fees. The list of companies that accept crypto currency is growing rapidly, and includes many hitters such as Microsoft, GAP, JC Penny, Expedia, Shopify, Bloomberg.com, Dish Network, Zynga, Subway, and WordPress.

Q: What’s next?

At our start, we will keep each of the Crypto TREND articles short and keep the coverage of each as narrow as possible. As we mentioned before, we believe crypto currency technology can be a game changer and potential investment opportunities like this come once or twice in a lifetime. Make no mistake, investing early in this sector is only for your most speculative capital, money you can lose.

Even if you don’t want to invest this time, getting an early understanding of this destructive new technology will put you in a most advantageous position to profit from our recommendations as we go along.

Expect to see lots of news and specific recommendations from Crypto TREND as we embark on this journey into what can be an alien jungle at first. It’s a fast-moving market and may not appeal to all investors, however, Crypto TREND is the one to guide you when and when you’re ready.

Keep going!


Guide for Beginners to Own Bitcoin Cryptocurrency


Bitcoin Cryptocurrency is talked about all over the world, whether you are on the internet or any media. This is one of the most shocking and craziest things that has happened in the last few years. More importantly, you can get a terrible return by trading bitcoins or you can keep it up for a long time.

You may have heard about Stocks, Commodities, Forex, and now a new currency called Bitcoin trading that has affected our lives a lot. In this Bitcoin cryptocurrency beginner’s guide, you will learn the ABCs of Bitcoin.

About Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

The emergence of Bitcoin is not yet known but a paper was published in October 2008 under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto made out of Japan. His identity is not yet known and it is believed that there are an estimated one million bitcoins worth more than $ 6 billion USD as of September 2017.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is recognized as a cryptocurrency and is free from any geographical boundaries. It is not controlled by any government and all you need is an internet connection. As a newcomer, Bitcoin technology can confuse you and make it a bit difficult to know about it. However, I will help you dig into this and how you can also make your first Bitcoin trade very quickly.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency works on blockchain technology which is a digital public ledger and is shared by anyone in the world. You can find your transactions here whenever you do any Bitcoin trading and anyone can use the ledger to verify it. The transaction performed is completely transparent and verified on the blockchain. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are part of the blockchain and an awesome technology that runs on the internet alone.

Key Terms Related to Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Before you are ready to own your first Bitcoin, it is better to know the key terms associated with bitcoins. It is also called BTC which is a fraction of bitcoin and 1 bitcoin equals 1 Million fraction. With the emergence of bitcoins, other cryptocurrency alternatives have also evolved. They are popularly called Altcoins and include Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR) and many more.

XBT and BTC are the same thing and are usually abbreviated for bitcoin. Mining is another widely used term and it is actually a process done in computer hardware for Bitcoin networks.

Things You Can Do With Bitcoin

You can sell, transfer, receive and store bitcoin. You can send it to your friends, request from a friend and store it in your digital wallet. Although, now you can top-up your mobile / DTH directly by paying via bitcoin.

The transaction cost is short compared to PayPal, Credit cards, and other online intermediaries. In addition, your privacy is protected which can be compromised on the internet while using credit cards. This is much safer and no one can steal or steal the coins. Due to its transparency in the system, it is also not possible to maneuver due to the shared public ledger. You can confirm the transaction from anywhere and anytime.

Demand is likely to increase because total production of bitcoins could be limited to just 21 million. It has already been made legal in Japan and could be followed by other countries soon and the price may go up even more.

I will understand more about Bitcoins in the coming days where you will learn a lot more about bitcoin trading. You can comment on your views and ask anything related to bitcoins.

If you find the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency beginner’s tutorial useful, give it and like it on social networks.


What Cryptocurrencies Are Good Investments?


This year the value of Bitcoin has skyrocketed, despite the previous one ounce of gold. There are also new cryptocurrencies on the market, which are even more surprising bringing the value of cryptocoins to over a hundred billion. On the other hand, the longer-term cryptocurrency-outlook is relatively unfavorable. There are drawbacks to the lack of growth among the main developers that make it less attractive as a long-term investment and as a payment system.


Still the most popular, Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that started it all. It is now the largest market cap at nearly $ 41 billion and has been in the past 8 years. All over the world, Bitcoin is widely used and to date there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of the weakness in the way it operates. Both as a payment system and as a stored amount, Bitcoin allows users to easily receive and send bitcoin. The blockchain concept is the basis on which Bitcoin is based. It is necessary to understand the concept of blockchain to know what cryptocurrencies are all about.

Simply put, a blockchain is a distribution database that stores every transaction on the network as a chunk of data called a “block.” Each user has copies of the block so if Alice sends 1 bitcoin to Mark, everyone in the network knows it.


An alternative to Bitcoin, Litecoin is trying to solve many of the issues that plague Bitcoin. It’s not as robust as Ethereum which has value gained mostly from adopting solid users. Paid note Charlie Lee, ex-Googler heads Litecoin. He also practices transparency in what he does with Litecoin and is very active on Twitter.

Litecoin is Bitcoin’s second violin in a long time but things started to change in the first year of 2017. First, Litecoin was adopted by Coinbase along with Ethereum and Bitcoin. Next, Litecoin corrected the Bitcoin issue by adopting Segregated Witness technology. It gives the capacity to shorten the transaction fee and more to do. The key factor, however, was Charlie Lee’s decision to put his full attention on Litecoin and even leave Coinbase, where he is the Engineering Director, solely for Litecoin. As a result, the price of Litecoin has risen in the last single month with the strongest reason being that it could be a real alternative to Bitcoin.


Vitalik Buterin, superstar programmer thinks Ethereum, can do everything Bitcoin can. Although its purpose, primarily, is to be a platform to build decentralized applications. The blockchains where the differences between the two lie. Basically, the Bitcoin blockchain records a type of contract, one that tells when funds are transferred from one digital address to another address. However, there is a significant upside to Ethereum because it has more advanced writing language and has a more complex, wider scope of applications.

Projects started to thrive on top of Ethereum when developers started noticing better qualities. Through the token crowd sellers, some have even raised millions of dollars and it still continues to be a trend even to this day. The fact that you can build weird things on the Ethereum platform makes it almost like the internet. This causes the price to skyrocket so if you buy a hundred dollar worth of Ethereum last year, it won’t cost nearly $ 3000.


Monero aims to resolve the issue of anonymous transactions. Even if this money is considered a way to launder money, Monero intends to change it. Basically, the difference between Monero and Bitcoin is that Bitcoin has a transparent block on every transaction that is public and recorded. With Bitcoin, anyone can see how and where money is transferred. There are some that aren’t completely unfamiliar with Bitcoin, though. In contrast, Monero has an opaque rather than transparent transaction method. No one is sold this way but since some people want privacy for any purpose, here’s where Monero stays.


Unlike Monero, Zcash also aims to solve the issues that exist with Bitcoin. The difference is that instead of being completely transparent, Monero is just part of the public blockchain style. Zcash also aims to solve the problem of anonymous transactions. After all, not everyone who loves shows how much money they spend on Star Wars memorabilia. Thus, the conclusion is that this type of cryptocoin actually has an audience and a need, although it is difficult to pinpoint which cryptocurrency focuses on privacy will eventually come out on top of the pile.


Also known as a “smart token,” Bancor is the new standard generation of cryptocurrencies that can have more than one token provided. Basically, Bancor tried to make it easy to sell, manage and generate tokens by increasing their liquidity level and allowing them to be priced at market automatically. Right now, Bancor has a front-end product that comes with a wallet and creates a smart token. There are also community features such as statistics, profiles and topics. In short, the Bancor protocol allows for the detection of a cryptocurrency as well as a mechanism for digestion for smart contractual tokens through a newly provided mechanism. Through a smart contract, you can immediately liquidate or purchase any tokens within the Bancor reserve. With Bancor, you can easily create new cryptocoins. Now who doesn’t want that?


Another competitor to Ethereum, EOS has promised to solve the issue of scaling up Ethereum by providing a set of tools that are more powerful to run and create apps on the platform.


An alternative to Ethereum, Tezos can be upgraded consensually without much effort. This new blockchain has moved centralized in the sense that it governs itself by building a digital real Commonwealth. It speeds up the mathematical process called formal authentication and has features that increase the security of the most financially sensitive, sensitive smart contracts. Definitely a good investment in the coming months.


No wonder it’s hard to predict which Bitcoin on the list will be the next superstar. However, user adoption has always been a key factor in the success of the advent of cryptocurrency. Both Ethereum and Bitcoin have it and although there is a lot of support from the first adopters of every cryptocurrency on the list, others have yet to prove their sustaining power. However, these are to be invested and watched over in the coming months.


What is Monero?


Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency project with more security and privacy than most virtual currencies. It is designed to give everyone the power to control their finances without the supervision of the government and financial agency. Adopted cryptographical methods ensure that a spy has zero knowledge of your transactions.

Who made Monero?

Monero is mostly a community project with not a single individual behind it. More than 240 specialists, comprising developers and marketers come together and breathe life into it. However, about 30 developers are known. Anyone can contribute to this network by donating their expertise or capital.

Monero is not based in any country. As a result, it may prove difficult to shut down or prevent it from operating in a country. However, you shouldn’t be sure about this because China and South Korea have already proven that any cryptocurrency can disappear from operating in certain jurisdictions. China officially banned ICOs from operating a few months ago.

Monero Security Features

Without a doubt, the Monero Blockchain is the safest place to go from a transaction. Ethereum and Bitcoin Blockchains are transparent so anyone can verify the authenticity of a transaction. This means anyone with unique computing skills and resources can easily interpret the real-world identity of users. This is especially uplifting due to the violation of the main principle behind decentralized projects that restrict user details.

Monero’s cryptographical techniques make user data impossible for data sniffers to get anything. The two main security protocols used are ring signatures and hidden addresses. The former mixes all network addresses so it makes it difficult for an outside observer to link to each address in one account.

The latter refers to a situation where one address is used for the same transaction. There may not be an address for two or more transfers. Used addresses are not available, and new ones are made in the next deal. In short, all details relating to sender, recipient and amount transferred are not open to review. However, this network is not completely “closed” as individuals can choose who can see their transactions.

Benefits of Monero

• Private, secure, and untraceable

• Resist without block limits

• Strong and competent team

• Many adopted

• Miners have an incentive plan to maintain the blockchain even when supply is exhausted

• You choose who can see your transactions

Against Monero

• There are minute levels of centralization

• Not yet widely adopted

The future of Monero

Decentralized technologies have received a lot of hype nowadays, and they are only meant to be widely recognized. As technology becomes more widely adopted and governments try to overwhelm users, investors will ask for more cryptos that are privately owned, and Monero may just be placed in the top spot for choice. This Finance specific amount will be given a shot.


Planning to Sell Monero Cryptocurrency? Here are the Basic Ways to Get You Started


One of the main rules of blockchain technology is to give users unshakable privacy. Bitcoin as the first decentralized cryptocurrency relied on this purpose to sell itself to a much wider audience that previously needed a virtual currency free from government interference.

Wait, along the way, it has been proven that Bitcoin is full of many vulnerabilities including immeasurable and movable blockchain. All transactions and addresses are written in the blockchain so it is quick for anyone to connect the dots and disclose users ’private details in their available records. Some governmental and non -governmental agencies are already using blockchain analytics to read data on the Bitcoin platform.

Such mistakes are led by developers looking at alternative blockchain technologies with improved security and speed. One of the projects is Monero, which is often represented by the XMR ticker.

What is Monero?

Monero is a privacy -oriented cryptocurrency project whose primary purpose is to provide better privacy than other blockchain ecosystems. The information of the users of this technology is through secret addresses and ring signatures.

The hidden address is meant to create a single address for a single transaction. No two addresses can be pinned to a transaction. The coins received go to a completely different address making the whole process unclear to an outside observer.

The signature ring, on the other hand, refers to mixing account keys with public keys thus creating a “ring” of multiple signatories. This means that a monitoring agent cannot link a signature to a particular account. Unlike cryptography (a mathematical method of securing crypto projects), the ring signature is not a new kid on the block. Its principles were explored and documented in a 2001 paper at The Weizmann Institute and MIT.

Cryptography has certainly won the hearts of many developers and blockchain aficionados, but the truth is, it’s still a relatively new user-friendly tool. Because Monero uses Ring’s already -tested signature technology, it’s set aside as a legitimate project to follow.

Things to know before starting a Monero business

Monero Market

The Monero market is similar to other cryptocurrencies. If you want to buy it then Kraken, Poloniex, and Bitfinex are some of the exchanges to visit. Poloniex was the first to adopt it followed by Bitfinex and last Kraken.

This virtual currency is often seen hanging on the dollar or against fellow cryptos. Some of the available pairs include XMR / USD, XMR / BTC, XMR / EUR, XMR / XBT and many more. The amount of trading and liquidity record of the currency makes it very good statistics.

One of the good things about XMR is that anyone can participate in mining it as an individual or by joining a mining pool. Any computer with significant processing power can mine Monero blocks with a few hiccups. Don’t bother going for ASICS (specific integrated circuits used in the application) which are now mandatory for Bitcoin mining.

Price change

Despite a heavy cryptocurrency network, it’s not particularly special when it comes to injury. In fact all altcoins are highly volatile. This shouldn’t be a concern for any savvy trader because this factor is the reason they get in the first place you buy when prices are in the dip and sell when it’s in high trend.

In January 2015, XMR went to $ 0.25 after jogging up to $ 60 in May 2017 and now it’s bowling above the $ 300 mark. The Monero coin recorded an ATH (all -time high) of $ 475 on the seventh of January before it started falling along with other cryptocurrencies to $ 300. At the time of writing, almost all decentralized currencies are in the price correction that Bitcoin teeter-totals between $ 10-11k from the glorious ATH of $ 19,000.

Availability and adoption

Thanks to its ability to offer reliable privacy, XMR is adopted by many people who make coins to be easily exchanged for other currencies. In simple terms, Monero is easy to sell for others.

All Bitcoins in the Bitcoin Blockchain are recorded, and therefore, if an incident such as theft disappears, each involved coin is prevented from being activated making it immovable. In monero, you can’t recognize one coin over another. As a result, no seller can dismiss any of them because they were involved in a bad event.

The Monero blockchain is now one of the most trending cryptocurrencies with a significant following. Like most other blockchain projects, the future is bright even if government crackdown is imminent. As an investor, you need to do your due diligence and research before selling any Cryptocurrency. If possible, seek help from financial experts to track the right path.