Franchise – an alternative to starting or buying a business

Franchising is a type of business agreement that lies somewhere between buying a business and starting your own business. This involves a contract between the franchisor (Burger King, subway, mailboxes, etc.) and you, the individual entrepreneur, called the franchisee.

The franchisor offers the franchisee his well-established brand, experience, knowledge, training, support and proven methodology. In return, the Franchisee pays an initial fee and continuous license fees.

I present Franchises in the context of Bootstrapping because it almost completely solves some of the experience / know-how of the limited resources equation. In terms of cost, many franchises will clearly be outside most new companies & # 39; reach. However, the franchise industry is so large and diverse that many of them have a relatively low initial cost. Recently Entrepreneur the magazine had an article with over 80 franchises that required an initial cost of $ 25,000 or less. (

Franchising is a large business sector. There are over 300 types of business categories serving over 18,000,000 employees and representing 3% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the US. There are many different categories of companies available for franchise. A partial list of various franchise companies is automotive, business services, children's products and services, education, financial services, food, healthcare, DIY, hotels and motels, maintenance, personal hygiene, pets, recreation, services and Technology companies and more each year .

Jeffrey Tannenbaum, former Wall Street Journal & # 39; s A franchise expert, he described the franchise as a mixed bag. He said: "For many people, the franchisee is a shortcut to prosperity, but for others it is a shortcut to hell."

Let's look at the pros and cons of franchising.


  • He lets you be in your own company with limited knowledge of the industry and doing business. You use the Franchisor's documented successes, their training, methods of operation, suppliers, credibility, continuous support, etc.
  • Some major risk business setbacks are reduced.
  • Quick start for your business to work. Every aspect of starting and running a business is delivered. It would take much longer for the entrepreneur to start the business.
  • Expansion : If you succeed, you can grow quite quickly thanks to the knowledge and cooperation of the Franchisor. They want to discover successful operators who have proven that they have what it takes to grow. Sometimes the franchisor will block your expansion plans despite your successful success. If this happens, you can get inspiration from Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart. Sam's initial entry into retail sales was as a franchisee at Ben Franklin stores of 5 and 10 cents. He followed their formula and added his creativity and work ethic to become a leading franchisee. He began to expand, entering the cities of Arkansas. At first, Sam noticed the appearance of retail discount stores. He asked Ben Franklin's management to let him be a pioneer of the discount store under their umbrella. He was released quickly and Wal-Mart was born. The management of Ben Franklin did not know how deeply they would affect the history of retail sales.
  • Due diligence: Franchise is a strictly regulated company. According to the law, every potential franchisee must receive upon request: Franchise disclosure document from the franchisor. This will give you details of the agreement with the franchisees, the financial strength of the franchisors, their list of existing franchisees and, in many cases, the list of former franchisees. You want to know everything about a potential partner.
  • Training is provided to you and your employees. The learning curve of running a business is accelerated.
  • In most cases Advertising and marketing brand is provided. In some cases, it may be necessary to contribute to its costs.
  • Territory: You receive an exclusive franchise for a specific geographical area. No one else can use your brand in this specific area. This provision should be specified in detail in the contract.


  • No control: You don't have the independence of a business owner. The franchisor requires strict compliance with their rules and the use of their systems. Changes require approval. You also have limited options for purchasing consumables, advertising methods, products you can offer and which you can't offer, sales volume, etc. Layout can be frustrating for a creative personality.
  • costs it can be high, both the initial payment and the current royalties. However, you should never consider costs in a vacuum. They must be measured against your profits.
  • royalties in most cases they are paid out by volume rather than by profit. This is usually not a great solution because one side may lose money and the other side may lose profits. Their interests do not match, although it is a partnership.
  • Inequality: It's an unequal partnership. The franchisor has much more power. If the Franchisor does not keep its promises of support, you may not have much choice because most contracts favor the Franchisor. In addition, you may not have money to implement expensive legal options.
  • Company sales can be difficult. Let's say you have been successful in building a franchise for years and now you want to retire or change your lifestyle. In an independent company, you have complete freedom to sell to anyone at any price. This is not necessarily the case for a franchisee. Some contracts do not allow sale or you can only resell the franchisor. This may not allow you to get a fair price. Therefore, you should try to solve this problem in the original contract.

Royal Gorge Railroad War

In the 1870s a small section of the narrow-gauge railway line he was breaking through the cavernous walls of Arkansas Canyon in the heart of Colorado. Control of this railway line would have played a significant melodrama in the history of mining the state, and was later called "war on the royal gorge". The incident took place in Arkansas Canyon in 1878-1880.

Bat Masterson and Ben Thompson, two well-known bandits that day, took the side of one of the fighting rail companies – Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe (AT&SF). The railway company tried to reach the tracks that their rival, Denver and Rio Grande (D&RG) built in 1872. As a lucrative connection between Denver and Pueblo.

The scene was created in 1872, when the Denver and Rio Grande (D&RG) Railroad Company built a narrow gauge railway line from Denver to Pueblo, Colorado. They then opened a line from Pueblo to Canon Coal Mines, which lay 37 miles west of Pueblo. Then, building south of Pueblo, they led the line through the mountains of southern Colorado and the San Luis Valley until they reached El Moro in 1876. They extended the railway line to Fort Garland in 1877, and finally to Alamosa in June 1878.

Around the same time, Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (AT&SF) Railroad Company was building west of Kansas City. AT&SF reached the Colorado line in 1872, but due to delays it did not reach Pueblo until 1876. In the same year Leadville flourished as a center for the silver mine and you had to earn a lot of money on the city's freight.

Realizing this potential, AT&SF decided to run a railway line from Pueblo to Leadville. This involved crossing the Royal Gorge of Arkansas River, which was fifty miles west of Pueblo. A narrow passage would allow to build only one railway line. That was the crux of the conflict; D&RG wanted the same.

Until 1878, both railway companies spent people and equipment in the area hoping to cross the gorge, while company lawyers fought for court rulings in their favor. In April this year, AT&SF was stationed in a canyon of over 300 people to secure their construction sites. D&RG matched this figure, but had trouble keeping men employed because their rival was paying higher wages.

AT&SF lawyers asked a local court to issue a provisional order against D&RG, stopping further work in the canyon. But before AT&SF could take advantage of this opportunity, D&RG received a court order blocking Kansas from continuing its work. When both companies were at a standstill, men were placed in critical points of the canyon to have control over the line and equipment.

D&RG built several stone forts under the direction of its Chief Engineer, a man named James R. DeRemer, who served in the Civil War and knew how to build a stone bridge needed to fight a battle. These dry-walled "DeRemera Forts" built in Texas Creek and Spikebuck had weapon ports and an impressive track view below.

Fortunately, both sides of the rock forts were never used for ambush. By November 1878, D&RG ran out of money and was forced to enter into a pact with its arch rival. On December 1 this year, they spent a 30-year lease on AT&SF, which allowed them to use all railway lines and all equipment – including rolling stock.

When AT&SF took control of all tracks and trains, they quickly became involved in more affairs for Kansas City and less for Denver. Being aware of the error, D&RG took legal steps to terminate the lease. Finally, in early 1879, the case was brought before the Supreme Court in Washington. Regardless of the court ruling, each company sent armed men to defend their rights and property. AT&SF recruited Bat Masterson and a group of 33 men whom he recruited in Dodge City to set up camp in a canyon to defend the builders and company assets. They arrived on a special train and after setting up the camp, called "Dodge City", Bat returned to Kansas.

On April 21, the Supreme Court ruled that D&RG had prior rights to the Canyon, but had no exclusive rights. The diluted decision did not satisfy either party. In the second half of May, the Colorado Attorney General filed a lawsuit with the state court to stop AT&SF from operating a state railway. Then, on June 10, State Judge Thomas M. Bowen issued an order preventing AT&SF from using or operating D&RG buildings, equipment, or rolling stock – essentially annulling their lease. With Judge Bowen's letter, D&RG officers went to the sheriffs of each county traversed across the railways to take over all their property.

Before the letters could be delivered to the county sheriffs, AT&SF instructed Bat Masterson to return to Colorado and concentrate his forces in Pueblo. He quickly recruited 50 armed men and took them by special train. Ben Thompson and a dozen Texan colleagues belonged to this group.

Initially, when he came up to the offer, Ben refused to join in, fearing that if violence broke out he would be charged with murder. He finally agreed to keep the stone round house in Pueblo until law officials presented him with legal documents to take over. According to Walton's book (The life and adventures of Ben Thompson) Thompson agreed to do the work for 5,000 USD and D&RG asked him to hand over the house for 25,000 USD. Ben rejected the offer saying, "I will die here unless the law relieves me."

On June 11, Sheriff Denver and his group of D&RG people seized the AT&SF office and round house in Denver. Then a group of D&RG agents headed south to take over the property along the way. At the same time, former Colorado governor, A.C. Hunt raised a group of 200 men, caught the train and headed north, grabbing all the small stations and taking agents as prisoners. In Cucharas, Hunt's forces fired him with twelve AT&SF soldiers – killing a Mexican and wounding an Irishman named Dan Sullivan.

At Pueblo, Sheriff Henley R. Price supported two D&RG officials, J.A. McMurtie and R.F. Weitbrec was delivered copies of Judge Bowen's letter to all AT&SF staff at dawn. After delivery of the letters, Sheriff Price and his group went to the train dispatcher's office at 8:30. The dispatcher didn't let him take over the building, and the sheriff told him that he had thirty minutes to think about it.

At 9:00 Price came back and found that there were several dozen armed AT&SF men in the office who refused to move. The reflected sheriff returned to the Grand Central Hotel and recruited an additional 100 MPs – all heavily armed and primed with free alcohol.

Upon returning to the depot at noon, Sheriff Price and his army of MPs demanded from his subjects. They refused and the group moved to the round house, where Ben Thompson and Texans waited. In confrontation with the sheriff, Ben said he was entrusted with responsibility for company ownership and could not give up without authorization. The sheriff then stated that he had come to disperse the armed crowd.

Ben replied that there is no armed crowd in the round house, only people from the construction team who were sent to protect the company's property. Saying that some of the men had a gun, Ben invited the sheriff to enter the round house and look around at the men to see if any of them was guilty of breaking the law. The price could enter the house alone and after a short search she left without any arrests.

Faced with a powdered barrel, Sheriff Price withdrew his men and sought the advice of local lawyers. After reviewing the judge's letter, he was informed that he was not authorized to use force to seize AT&SF's property. He chewed it until about 3:00, and then decided that it was time to take action regardless of the legality of the magazine. He and his fifty alcohol-deputies met in front of the Victoria Hotel, where they were supplied with rifles equipped with bayonets and a heavy portion of ammunition, courtesy of D&RG. Marching to the warehouse, they formed a skirmish line in front of the building.

Around this time, a battleship named W.F. Chumside came out of the cash register. He was said to be "a little bit intoxicated" and wanted to argue for people in the magazine. He was quickly knocked down by one of his deputies and kicked in the head.

Then the group went to the telegraph office and started shooting as they banged on the door. Most of the men in the office quickly escaped through the back door and arrived safely. Unfortunately, Harry Jenkings fell when he ran away and was shot in the chest with a bullet stuck in the spine. The donkey placed the wounded in an express car and sent him for medical help. He died shortly thereafter.

After the assault on the telegraph office, the camp ran to the round house, the last stronghold of AT&SF defenders. Thompson met them outside the house, shouting: "Come, sons of bitches; if you want a fight, you can have it. " Before he could undo the challenge, he was overwhelmed by a dozen MPs and thrown into prison. Without their leader, those inside wanted to parry. Shortly afterwards they surrendered the building without firing. Everyone was disarmed and rushed down the street to join Thompson in a crowded West Fifth Street prison.

Late in the evening, former Governor Hunt and his team arrived by train from the south, and then continued on the Arkansas River to Canon City. By midnight the whole railway was captured. One evening, Bat Masterson, Ben Thompson and others hired by AT&SF were released from prison and boarded a special train going to Dodge City. Arriving the next morning, Ben picked up the money from AT&SF and went to Texas along the Kansas City and St. Louis.

The Royal Gorge case did not end on June 11, but lasted in court for several months. Finally, "baron-robber" Jay Gould bought fifty percent of D&RG shares and settled out-of-court dispute. On March 27, 1880, both railways agreed to sign the Boston Treaty, which returned the railroad and property back to D&RG. AT&SF received $ 1.8 million for the railway line it built over the pass, and the War with the Gorge is finally over.

The miracle of mineral baths

Already in 73 BC hot springs or mineral baths served as places for health and rejuvenation. King Herod, the Roman king of Judea, created one of the first world spas on the Dead Sea. Queen Cleopatra built a cosmetics and pharmaceutical factory there. During the Roman Empire, almost every city had access to mineral baths, which were used for public bathing, exercising and socializing. You could find bathhouses from Great Britain to Germany and Algeria.

The famous hot springs of Baden-Baden in Germany have been attracting tourists for centuries. Located on the river Oos, the city of Baden-Baden welcomed the ancient Romans, English Queen Victoria and modern tourists in every way. Considered to be one of the most elegant bathing areas in Europe, Baden-Baden consists of about 29 hot springs, which are transferred by pipes to various baths in the city. Patients are still coming today to seek help in the treatment of gout, paralysis, skin diseases and more.

Native Americans recognized the healing powers of mineral baths, believing that they were a special gift to people from the Great Spirit. All those early spa visitors have found that mineral baths have been effective in treating a range of ailments, including psoriasis, acne, rheumatism and indigestion. The Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto came across the Vapors Valley at the beginning of the 16th century. He was one of the first Europeans who discovered the healing power of what is now known as Hot Springs, Arkansas.

DeSoto was just one of many who came to discover these magical thermal springs that gave rise to Hot Springs National Park. Hot Springs, called the "American Spa", has a rich history, and soon after others appeared. Another American classic, the Roosevelt Bathhouse in Saratoga Springs, New York, attracted sophisticated travelers for soaking in soothing mineral waters in the 1800s. Part of the Gideon Putnam resort, guests believe that water provides preventive benefits, and the use of mineral sources helps reduce stress and strengthen overall body function.

These waters also gave rise to playgrounds for the rich and famous. Almost a century ago, VIP guests traveled by car to Mount Clemens, Michigan or "America & # 39; s Bath City" to experience magical mineral waters. Pumped from 400 meters below the city of Mount Clemens, Henry Ford, William Randolph Hearst and Babe Ruth were among others. It is known that baths relieve joint pain, rheumatism and eczema. It was also a mecca for polio patients. The thriving therapeutic industry was supported by 11 large baths and dozens of holiday hotels in the city.

The West Baden Springs Hotel in French Lick, Indiana, opened during the gilding age, had a fantastic vaulted ceiling, which was considered the "eighth wonder of the world." National Historic Landmark, West Baden's reputation as a mineral resort, has attracted visitors from all over the United States to relax and heal. Renovation in 2007 Covered a 27,000-square-foot spa center with full-body capsules with famous mineral water, making West Baden Springs an undeniable first-class resort.

Mineral sources have also become a source of innovative body treatments. For example, in Harbin Hot Springs in Middleton, California, the therapist Harold Dull developed Watsu, which is a combination of Zen shiatsu with water. Warm and inviting natural spring pools are located on an area of ​​2000 acres. The Hot Springs, Virginia home for the first time welcomed Thomas Jefferson who bathed his waters three times a day for three weeks as a remedy. Today's guests can still "take water" while indulging in luxurious spa treatments.

Boats, bands and grill in Pueblo, Colorado

Real barbecue fans, your favorite place on earth will henceforth be known as Pueblo in Colorado.

The best summer grilling takes place every summer in this city in southern Colorado, which centers around the three most important B years: boats, bands and barbecues. Visitors gather around the Arkansas River to buy festivals, music, boats and, most importantly, delicious food.

Boats of all sizes flow down the river, while live music plays for fans around. The main event is the full-fledged Kansas City BBQ Society competition, where legendary grill masters from around the country fight for the title of best. For younger chefs there is also a competition for young chefs, called Kids Q. The biggest advantage is that festival participants can try to submit an application, because after tasting the judges there is always enough to look around.

If after that you are still full, you can take part in the annual ice cream eating and Blazin Challenge Wing eating contest, but it is not recommended to do both if you want to save space on the grill.

Live music plays during the festival from popular local rock stars such as Rock Creek Road Band, The Branders and The Six Million Dollar Band. The party is interrupted only for a moment to announce the winners of cooking on the grill.

The fun is not only contagious, but also affordable at Pueblo, admission for adults is $ 3, children aged 4-12 is $ 1, and children under three years are free! Visitors come from all over the country to this county-style family market, and the first 10,000 participants receive a commemorative collector's button that entitles them to award prizes daily.

The organizer of The Boats, Bands and BBQ festival is Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo (HARP). Riverwalk is the organization that returned the Arkansas River to downtown Pueblo after it was moved around the city in the 1920s due to flooding. Now the river flows through the city, and along it are squares, sculptures and works of art that represent the city of Pueblo and its inhabitants. The BBQ festival brings the city's inhabitants and tourists from near and far to see this beautiful stretch of water that has once again become the city's life blood.

Pueblo organizes events throughout the summer, making this city a great place to stay and have fun for every visitor. City Park offers a swimming pool, a carousel and events to celebrate warm weather in Colorado. Riverwalk offers a quiet but exciting adventure through the city center. Pueblo always has something cool for everyone, no matter how you rock or wander on boats, bands and barbecues.

How to get my boyfriend back if he breaks his heart?

If reservations were made at Heartbreak Hotel every time relations broke, they would have to build a Tennessee-size hotel extension and probably Arkansas. Thousands of people break up every week for a variety of reasons, which will make one, if not both, heartbroken. Many women will think about the hasty decision to end the relationship. & # 39; how to recover my boyfriend if he breaks his heart? & # 39;

The solution to this problem depends primarily on how you broke his heart, because telling him that you are leaving because of a bad body odor is a bit different from cheating on him. The latter will certainly seriously harm your boyfriend's trust in you, and although this is not an irreversible situation, it will be a long way before you regain that trust. Let's hope the poem from another Elvis song: "We can't go together with a suspicious mind," doesn't always sound real.

First of all, you need to think about whether you broke his heart because of an intentional reason, or whether it was an impulse of momentary madness. In other words, do you really want to get it back, and if so, then you have to think about how to get my boyfriend back if I break his heart? The important thing to remember is that they have broken the relationship and therefore it is very likely that he still has strong feelings for you.

So when you come to offer an olive branch as a gesture of reconciliation, your ex-boyfriend should be very open and open to conversation. Make an appointment and apologize to him for what you said or did to hurt his feelings, and be ready to admit that you may have been wrong. This may not lead to immediate reconciliation, but it will show you that you still care and may give you the chance to be friends again.

When you return to speaking, you can remind him of his good times and exactly why he fell in love with you. Don't overdo it by jumping on the poor man at the first opportunity, but act naturally and listen to what he has to say. If you're still wondering how to get my boyfriend back if he breaks his heart, keep him close and let him miss you so that he finally calls you from another line from Elvis & Suspicious Minds: Let's not let good die. "

Top 10 Unique Hotels

Choose from the best luxury hotels on the island for cheap prison offers.

When it comes to holidays, the hotel itself can be as much a part of the vacation as the destination. Before you make a reservation at a luxury hotel, think about all the options available. From a tree house to an ice house, here are some of the most unique hotels from around the world.

Kamalame Cay: Your private island

Bahamas: Do you dream of Robinson Crusoe on a private island? Kamalame Cay offers a private getaway to the island with the adventures of Robinson Crusoe and all the luxuries of a four-star hotel. This 96-acre soft sandy island is located just off the Andros Bay in the Bahamas and can only be reached by private ferry or seaplane. Covered with private villas, guests can enjoy Caribbean cuisine, some of the best snorkeling and fishing along the island's pristine beaches, and swim in the island's freshwater pool. Kamalame Cay meets the need for adventure, offering romance, luxury hotel accommodation and natural beauty.

Utter Inn: Drink with fish

Vasteras, Sweden

Utter Inn, or Otter Inn in English, is a small, floating Swedish red house with an underwater bedroom equipped with panoramic windows, so you can literally sleep with fish. Karczma is an artistic project of Mikael Genberg, which has realized several other artistic hotels, such as Hotell Hackspett or Woodpecker Hotel, a tree house, located more than 40 feet above the Swedish park. Just hope you don't get claustrophobic because you get off the boat and don't pick you up until the morning.

The Jail Backpackers: taste of a great home for a small price

Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia

The renovated prison, built in 1864, now serves as a hostel for tourists and travelers. Located in Mount Gambier, South Australia, Jail Backpackers gives tourists the chance to spend a night or weekend in a slammer at affordable prices, $ 45 for a double room, $ 20 for a dorm room. Don't worry though; you are not locked at night. This budget hotel offers a kitchen, TV lounge, pool tables, quiet lounge with fireplace, walled garden space and restaurant. The area of ​​Mount Gambier offers many outdoor activities, the most famous is Blue Lake, which is located in a volcano. There are many hiking trails, cave tours and the possibility of boarding sand.

The Queen Mary: Don't jump on the ship on this haunted boat

Hotels in Long Beach

Reviews of Queen Mary Hotel

If spending the night in jail isn't scary enough, try to spend the night in the haunted hotel / boat, Queen Mary. This liner and warship from World War II has a haunted history. One of the most haunted places on the boat is an unused first class pool. Women in vintage bathing suits wandered around, and wet footprints were mysteriously found, leading from the deck to the cloakroom. This luxury hotel not only offers visits, but also historic tours, numerous world-class restaurants, cabaret shows, a comedy club, spa and apartments. For 459 USD you can spend the night in one of the haunted cabins, but are you brave enough?

Parrot Nest Lodge: On the tree under the stars

Cayo, Belize

Sleeping here will not be as scary as Queen Mary, unless you are afraid of heights and birds. The Parrot Nest Lodge consists of two thatched tree houses, four cabins and two bathhouses and is surrounded on three sides by the Mopan River, which offers a refreshing dip. As the name suggests, there are a large number of parrots, as well as hundreds of other birds, making it the best place to observe birds. Giant iguanas are also another friendly guest in the garden. Breakfast and dinner are also included in the price of the room on the tree for only USD 40-50 for renting a room for the night, making it a cheap hotel with leisure facilities. I hope you are not afraid of wild nature.

Heceta Head Lighthouse: on the cliffs

Hotels in Yachats

If spending the night at the treehouse was too high, try spending the evening at the lighthouse on the cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Heceta Head lighthouse is over a hundred years old and is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world. Heceta is also Seattle's brightest lighthouse, casting 21 miles of light on the sea. The Queen Anne Guardian House has been renovated into a bed and breakfast where guests can see the lighthouse at night, which is a rare occasion. In the morning, a seven-course breakfast is served, which is included in the room price. Magical is one word that many guests use to describe the Heceta lighthouse and bed and breakfast.

Beckham Creek Cave Haven: Eco-tourist haven

Hotels Parthenon, Arkansas

The creation of Beckham Creek Cave Haven took over four years. It was created in accordance with the philosophy according to which constant protection of our environment is of the utmost importance. Located in a 530-acre country in the Buffalo National River, this cave hotel offers ecotourists the solitude and plenty of outdoor entertainment in the Ozark. In the estate itself there is a mountain and plenty of places for hiking, cycling and fishing.

Ice Hotel: Stop the ice

Sweden The Cave, Hotel Ice, is an ice cave carved out of 10,000 tons of crystal clear ice cut from the River Torne. Every year, the hotel must be built from scratch, with new projects and new concepts; is constantly being born. This luxury hotel has an ice chapel, an ice art exhibition hall, a cinema and the world-famous Absolut ice bar. If you can face freezing temperatures, the Ice Hotel is worth the trip.

The Gladstone Hotel: 37 artistic rooms

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Each room is not designed out of ice, but designed by a different artist. Located in Toronto, Gladstone is a unique city hotel with rooms designed by artists, as well as short-term art studios and exhibition spaces. The hotel offers a unique insight into the diverse artistic environment of Toronto. Make hotel reservations in the Teen Queen room and relive Jr. Summer or spend the night in a quiet Skygazer Room decorated with an amazing wall treatment of plastic relics in the form of clouds.

Burj-al-Arab: sail away in luxury

Dubai: This Dubai hotel in one of the fastest-growing cities is more than just a hotel; this is experience. That is, if you can afford to book a hotel. Burj-al-Arab, resembling a wavy sail, dominates the Dubai panorama at 321 meters. Recognized by some as the best hotel in the world, this luxury apartment hotel is designed for wealthy people and offers 24-hour care of trained butlers, private reception on each floor, and a spa and wellness center. At night, the hotel is surrounded by choreographic colorful sculptures of water and fire. Burj-al-Arab is luxury at its best and the most extravagant.

Conway City – A commendable evolution

The city of Conway founded by A. P. Robinson, the chief engineer who came to the city after the civil war to see the compensation – an area of ​​land – received. It was one square mile and was near the old settlement of Cadron. After entering Railroad in this area, Robinson withdrew a small portion of the railway to create a depot there. He gradually began to develop the city around the warehouse and named it Conway Station in honor of the famous Arkansas family. There were only two small stores, two showrooms, a warehouse, a temporary apartment and a post office.

He developed as a trade center for the following years. Large areas of rural agriculture depended on Conway because of their commercial needs. In 1890, Hendrix College was founded in the city. Shortly after three years in 1893, Central College for Girls was founded, and Conway became a great educational center. In 1907, the University of Central Arkansas began operating as the Arkansas Normal School. The entire economy depended completely and heavily on agricultural and educational establishments. And so it was until World War II.

Conway entrepreneurs began to diversify the city's economy after World War II. Several small industries were created in the city. The headquarters of the Emergency Services Office, the Center for Human Development and the Arkansas Educational Television Network are some of the state institutions that were founded in the city of Conway. A large industrial / technological base provided the city with a complete balance. Kimberly Clark, Amtran, Virco, Baldwin Piano and Carrier are among the industrial giants available in the city.