Finding Fence Companies in New Jersey


Some neighborhoods are safe enough that most homeowners do not find a fence necessary. However, there are also homeowners who believe that a fence is needed to draw a line between their property and their neighbor’s property. If you live in a rich subdivision, it is no surprise to find houses with high fences. They are designed to ensure the confidentiality of residents. There are several companies in New Jersey that want to manufacture and install your fence for you. These companies are well experienced and are known for their quality handwork. Here are some of the companies:

Coastal Railing and Fence, LLC

If you are unsure of your budget but want a fence, this company has a solution for you. The coastal railing offers alternatives to an aluminum fence, which is just as attractive but more affordable. From Ultra Aluminum, this company produces decorative aluminum fences at a more affordable price, thus giving you the dream fence you want without burning holes in your pocket. Their exclusive use of Ultra Aluminum for aluminum fences will give you the confidence that it will last, as the panels are powder coated for durability and resistance to fading. You can reach the coastal railings at 850-936-7513.

Hurd fencing

It is a family company and is run by the same family that founded it in 1959. Herdt Fencing is known for its excellent workmanship as well as the use of high quality materials to ensure durability. The company specializes in the use of white cedar, which they can color depending on your preferences. Other services include commercial fencing, garden and lawn, sports fencing and pet fencing. You can call the company at 609-298-2201, 609-298-3183, fax: 609-298-3313 and they are located at 183 Bordentown-Crosswicks Road, Crosswicks, New Jersey 08515.

National group

This company can offer you a wide variety of fencing options along with a wide variety of materials. If you prefer to mix and match materials, this company will do it for you. They also have budget options that allow you to choose the best options at a much lower price. Their products include wooden fences, vinyl fences, aluminum fence and chain fence. For more information, call Nationwide Group at Toll Free: 1-866-844-9069, phone: 732-922-0111, fax: 732-481-5252.